Project P.U.S.H., Inc.

Teaching Entrepreneurs how to build a Business..even on a Bankrupt Budget!

Project PUSH started as a simple motivational speech. 
P.U.S.H. is an acronym for 
Pursue Until Success Happens!

The speech focused on the resiliency of starting my 1st business, 
Signature Notaries while in bankruptcy.

The one thing that I needed then that I now teach other Entrepreneurs is the "how" behind building a business. 

Entrepreneurship can be frustrating and also make you want to throw in the towel....several times. However, if you are willing to trust the process,
 it can be the most rewarding, passionate and fulfilling 
lifestyle you can imagine. 

My obstacles have allowed me to teach, support and invest in other Entrepreneurs through Business Coaching/Partnership,  Marketing Strategies, Business Resources
and Online/Worldwide Events.

Everyone has the potential to P.U.S.H....
The question is are you willing?

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Featured In....

Essence Magazine - March 2013

2013 BBWO 50 Fabulous
Women Entrepreneurs

2014 Stiletto Women in
Business Award FINALIST